If you simply research “questions to ask your wedding photographer” you’ll find a large array of articles that will help you.  They’ll include questions like, “How long have you been shooting weddings?” and “What packages do you offer?”  These questions are helpful and even necessary, however their answers are not the only things that need to be considered.  It’s easy to be blinded by the combination of a photographer’s beautiful work, the excitement of them being available on your wedding day and the realization that they’re within your budget, causing couples to overlook a large detail: the photographer’s personality.


Surprised?  Having a compatible personality with your photographer actually plays a very large role in the mood and flow of your wedding day.  After all, you most likely will see more of your photographer on your wedding day than even your fiancé!  It’s very important to ensure that you connect with your wedding photographer on a personal level, as they will be there capturing some of your most intimate moments.


Here are a few ways for you to find out if you and your photographer have compatible personalities:


1. Meet with them.  Whether this is over a phone call, Skype/FaceTime, or in person on a coffee date, be sure to meet with your photographer candidates prior to hiring them.  Meeting with the photographer provides a great opportunity for you to interview them and to see if they would be a good fit for you and your fiancé.  It’s important to consider your first impression and to simply trust your gut.  Do they make you feel comfortable?  Do they seem like they are trying to sell you on something or are their responses genuine?  Do they seem excited about your vision for your wedding day?  These are good questions to keep in mind when trying to assess whether you and the candidate are compatible.  Also, a good rule of thumb here is if you wouldn’t want to get coffee again or spend more time with that person, then they’re probably not the photographer for you!


2. Ask about their photography approach.  Do they like to blend in and capture what unfolds naturally?  Or do they tend to have more of a presence by taking charge and setting up poses? Maybe a combination of both?  Asking about their photography approach will help you get another feel for their personality in terms of how they logistically work on a wedding day.



3. Consider their wedding day priorities.  Something to ask your photographer candidates includes what images they prioritize on a wedding day.  Are they detail-oriented, focusing on all the small details of the day?  Or do they tend to concentrate more on the relational side of the wedding day, capturing family and guests interacting?  How much time do they set aside for bride/groom portraits? Consider which images are most important to you and see if those align with what the photographer prioritizes, as well.



Again, having a compatible personality with your wedding photographer is extremely important!  Your photographer will not only capture your wedding day, but will play a large role in it.

Kelsey Moore

owner + photographer – the peach tea co.