Heather Miley


Event planner in Northwest arkansas

Heather Miley has been with The Event Group since 2012 but has been honing her skills in the industry since 2007.  Previously the director of food, beverage and special events for the Inn at Carnall Hall, you can see her passion in everything she does.

Heather not only facilitates but cherishes being involved in an event from conception to production. The joy she finds in her work is unmistakable, and she loves to watch the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Her passions go beyond work when she spends time with her husband, Jasen Miley, traveling, spending time outdoors and taking on home improvement projects. She also spends lots of time loving on their two dogs, Axl and Roxy, which she affectionately calls her “fur babies”.

Heather’s regard for knowledge is reflected by her past education. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences from the University of Arkansas.


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