by Apr 10, 2013Recipes

One of the best parts of a meal is the fresh herbs and vegetables.  In order to have the best, you need the best soil.  Composting is a great way to recycle your “trash” into a nutrient rich compost for your garden.



Here are some of the best things to add to your compost:


Paper:  Shred newspaper to allow plenty of aeration, so that the beneficial organisms can thrive.  Also feel free to use the content of your shredder as long as there aren’t any plastic or foil bits!

Vegetable Discards:  Add wilted or overripe veggies to the mix.

Kitchen Waste:  Rinds, peels, leftovers, breads… all are very active composters.  Eggshells will also degrade but not as completely.  Avoid adding dairy, animal fat or meat. (They will attract unwanted pests!)

Coffee and Tea Grounds:  This gives the mix lots of nitrogen that it needs.

Plants:  Use only healthy dried leaves or unwanted healthy cuttings from house plants