Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon do I need to arrange for an event planner?
The sooner you can arrange for an event planner, the better. This will give us the time we need to make planning your event as successful as possible. The size and scope of the event will determine how long the planning process takes, so we suggest giving us a call as soon as you know you need a planner.
How much notice do you need for scheduling small group catering?
For Parties To Go, we need 72 hours of advance notice. For all other catering, please give us at least five days’ notice so we can plan accordingly.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes, a deposit is required to secure your date.
There are a limited number of prime dates for events, and The Event Group Catering only handles a certain number of events each day. The deposit and a signed contract are necessary to protect our clients and our business. The deposit does go towards your final balance.
When is my final payment due?
Your final payment is due seven business days before the event date.
Do you offer menu options for special dietary needs?
There are many menu offerings that would qualify for the various specialty diets. Please discuss your specific needs with our staff.
What is an action station?
Action stations are part of our catering options and are food stations that are more interactive. They either require our staff to serve the food or allow guests to create their own dish. Action stations include pasta bars, carving stations, etc.
Where can I find price estimates for your catering and other services?
Our services are priced either by package or by range, based on which service or combination of services you receive. All of our services are priced to be affordable, and we can work with almost any budget.
What forms of payment do you take?
We take all forms of payment including cash, credit card and check.
What other charges are not specified on my proposal?
None! At the end of your custom proposal, we will give you a cost based upon our understanding of your requests. The prices for food, beverages, service, rentals and other necessary items will be clearly defined. There are no surprises or hidden costs after your event. If something changes from your original event proposal during the planning process, those changes and corresponding costs will be clearly communicated with you at the time they are decided.
Can I provide my own alcoholic beverages?
Yes, you may provide your own alcoholic beverages. However, our charges for alcohol and bar service are so reasonable that you will probably find it isn’t worth the effort and time to secure your own.
Where is my food cooked?
All of our food is cooked in our fully licensed catering kitchen. We then transport all food in hot boxes and cold containers to your event site. Everything stays in perfect condition and is served fresh and presented properly according to state health standards.
Should we include a gratuity with our payment?
Gratuities are discretionary. Should you decide to give a gratuity, we will guide you as to what is customary.
What happens to leftovers?
It is our policy that any leftover food, excluding that which is unsafe to consume, will be donated to the Salvation Army for consumption. If the client so requests prior to the start of the event to retain all leftovers, we will leave or pack leftovers that we deem are safe to consume.
Are you licensed?
We are certified through the Department of Health, and we carry an off-premise liquor license.

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