“I do!” Brew

by Jan 23, 2013Weddings

If you’ve recently picked up the January 2013 copy of Citiscapes, we were excited to have a few of our catered and/or coordinated weddings featured from the previous year.  We especially loved being showcased at our on-site location–The Chancellor Hotel.  Between all of the hype,  we featured an ad with some tips for  a great 2013 wedding!

One of our favorite tips from the ad was customized beer.  We love the idea of serving a specialty beer for guests to enjoy on your big day!  If you happen to be quite the brew master, you can brew up your own!  If not, we love the idea of using a craft beer but creating your own logo for the bottles.  This can serve in place of a signature cocktail, or as a favor for the guests.

Here is some photo inspiration for you to create your own ” I DO!” Brew:

I do Brew