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We often meet with brides that just don’t know what they don’t know -and this is totally understandable!  For most people when they get engaged, it is foreign territory and full of decisions and experiences they have never had to consider before.  Of course there are many different types of brides.  There is the “I’ve-had-my-wedding-planned-since-I-was-5-years-old Bride”, the “Wedding-planning-makes-elopement-sound-more-and-more ideal Bride”, the “All-things-DIY-and-Pinterest Bride” and many more.  No matter what personality the bride may be, one thing we know is that it is a season full of many emotions and details and sometimes that combo can just be overwhelming.  So, knowing this, we love to come alongside brides during this special time of wedding planning and help prompt them with questions to help them make the decision that is best for their wedding day desires.  Not every venue will be this way, so you have to be aware and remember that sometimes people are just wanting to fill spots on the venue calendar and could really care less if it’s a great fit for what you want.  Our hope is that brides feel safe and truly cared for from the beginning until the end of their experience with our team.

We have composed a list of questions to make sure you ask as you are venue searching.  Hope it’s helpful!  Leave comments with questions that helped you as you were planning!

  1. What is the capacity for the venue?  If there are different locations for ceremonies/receptions on site, make sure to ask the capacity for each area.  Changing table sizes will even affect the capacity so make sure to ask if the venue offers tables.  What size/how many of each type of table?  Make sure the venue is flexible about the table layout options.
  2. Will you have access to spaces other than just the ceremony/reception area?  Some venues may block off areas that you thought would be available on your Big Day for leisure, photos, etc. because it was not communicated clearly during an Open House or tour.
  3. Are on-site coordination services available?  If so, what all does the coordination entail?  Some people assume by the word “coordination” that this person will be running all the details for the day -and this is really rare to find.  Most venues hire staff to manage the facility, so their role is to be on-site for venue specific needs/venue coordination only.
  4. Does the venue have an exclusive caterer, preferred caterer list or are they open to new caterers?  Catering is a big part of your Big Day -and one of the largest costs- so you will want to know early on which route this will take you.  Also it could really change things if you have had your heart set on a taco bar and that wasn’t an option with the services provided.
  5. Do you have to set up an appointment to continue to see the property as you are planning?  Is this even an option?  Some venues only allow 1 initial tour and then a final planning meeting on-site. Check to see if the venue offers Open Houses and how often.

This is not an exclusive list, but hopefully it will help in the wedding venue search process and trigger more questions and things to look for on site.  Again, help a sista out and leave comments below with more questions and advice!


Maggie Lechner is the Social Media Coordinator for The Event Group, an awarded catering company in Northwest Arkansas.  Feel free to reach out, they would love to hear from you!  Please e-mail [email protected]