From the bride who has been planning her wedding since childhood to the bride who wants to be able to hand the details of her wedding over to an expert, The Event Group is the right fit for the most memorable wedding event.

If that means we step back and simply help with managing vendors on the day of the event, that’s what our staff will do. If it means planning throughout the entire process, we can do that too! We strive to create a wedding experience that reflects each happy couple’s unique personality and preferences. From the venue to the colors and food selection, weddings planned by The Event Group are both professional and inviting.

Our catering department is a major part of the wedding event planning process. We can create a menu for all parts of the wedding experience- from the rehearsal dinner to the reception. We have several Sample Menus that brides can choose from, or we can create something just for you.

The Event Group’s bar and bartending staff is another service you might want to consider for your wedding reception. Our experienced and professional bartenders have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mixing drinks and making suggestions for guests. Our bar and bartending service is affordable and much easier than providing your own alcohol.

Want to plan your wedding?