A new year means new trends and of course new wedding trends. We are excited to share with you a few of the trends to expect in this upcoming and exciting year!

One of the wedding trends that we love is the continued use of metallic table linens for the wedding cake display or on cocktail tables. A little splash of stylish champagne, silver or even rose gold sequin metallic linen can be an elegant addition to your special day.

Another wedding trend expected be more popular this year is the use of creative table seating plans; instead of the use of large round tables expect to see square, rectangular and family style seating to make the evening more intimate. Our favorite style is a mixture of seating options, perhaps try round and rectangular tables.

A look at the seating options that are available to you.


Lastly, besides the couple, there is always another staple at a wedding–sweet treats–but in particular the infamous cake! In 2016 it is predicted that buttercream cakes will once again be in demand. Also, there are so many flavor possibilities..the question no longer should be vanilla or chocolate or both, but also the flavors of salted caramel, lemon, raspberry and the list can go on and on…

Enjoy your special day!