For all you brides out there that need to collect a bazillion addresses, we want to share something that will save you oodles of time. Yes, oodles! Presenting – the free and (most) easy way to collect and store addresses. This site allows you to set-up an online address book that has many other functions – oh and did we mention it is free? When you create your account you are given a link that you send to people. They will then fill out their contact information. You may choose to send this link through e-mail, Facebook, Instagram – whatever your medium of choice, so that others will fill it out. You can also personalize the form so that you get the information you need – addresses, phone number(s), birthday, etc. That’s it! The site does all the hard work of collecting and recording for you. The hardest part is remembering your username and password. It makes your address book easily accessible and easy to alter. You can also export the link and print it as needed.

If you want to go a step further – you can use the site to design invitations, thank you cards and so much more! The site will do all the addressing and sending for you, and it has plenty of unique fonts to choose from to personalize your cards and envelopes. This could be a great option to pursue once you are back from your honeymoon and see the long list of thank you notes that will need to be written. Send the same love and thankfulness, in a fraction of the time!

Check out this great site today and enjoy this new, stress-free way to collect addresses!