It is wedding season and we are busy and loving it along the way!  For most people, a common question during wedding season is, “what should I wear?!” -so we are going to try to cast some etiquette vision for what is trending right now in wedding world.

First off, the invitation will hopefully give you some insight into the type of appropriate dress in the verbiage or the aesthetics of the invitation.  If not, then it’s safe to assume cocktail or semi-formal attire. Cocktail dress for girls means knee-length or a shorter dress.  Seek dresses with luxe fabrics, like charmeuse, chiffon and satin. The dress can be solid or have a pattern.  It’s great to add some “sparkle” to the attire with a fancy clutch or heels.  Cocktail dress for guys means wearing dress pants, belt, a nice button-up shirt with sleeves, maybe a vest (in which case no jacket is required) or veto the vest and just sport a coat.  The shirt or tie can have patterns, but a tie is not required.


[Photo: Easy Weddings]

If it is a black tie occasion, then the following are appropriate articles to wear.  Black tie for girls means wearing a long, typically floor length dress.  Choose classic colors like black, red and navy and do not wear patterns and colors that draw too much attention.  Black tie for guys is simply said with one word, tuxedo.  It should consist of a black tuxedo jacket, black bow tie, white dress shirt or tux pleat shirt, black cummerbund or waistcoat, cuff links, black pants and black shoes.

Black tie

[Photo: Extra Petite]

Another popular wedding style is “beachy.”  Typically, this is a destination wedding or outdoor wedding.  For this occasion, girls should dress for comfort since you may be walking on sand or in a field.  Flats, sandals or perhaps barefoot on the beach are all allowed.  The nautical theme is fun and allows you to explore different styles like an off-shoulder dress.  For guys, they should wear lighter materials like linen. Simple and nice khaki or gray pants with a button up shirt will fit the setting just right.  Stick with lighter colors such as dusty blue, yellow, gray and white.


[Photo: Ryan Ray]

Of course the list of wedding types is endless, so in the end use your best judgement, knowledge of the style of the couple getting married and research the venue setting.  We all know that everyone is most curious about what that one white dress will look like, but who doesn’t love to dress nice with the occasion too?